Jodi Tellier | Illustrator & lettering artist

Jodi Tellier is an illustrator & lettering artist based in Montreal, who has been drawing since she could hold a pencil.

Her favourite subject matter is a tie between portraits & flowers, and her favourite medium will forever be pen & ink (despite her deep love for the iPad Pro). While working, she can usually be found listening to a true crime podcast or a carefully crafted ‘90s playlist.

She studied art under renowned watercolour artist Renate Heidersdorf for 10 years, where she had the privilege to experiment with a variety of media and subject matter, and where she also developed her strong affinity for chicken nuggets as her Mom would take her for a Happy Meal after each weekly art class.

She attended Dawson College and holds a degree in Visual Arts. She spent a hot minute studying Fine Arts at Concordia University, before leaving to pursue a more design-oriented career path. She has traveled to Europe and visited many of the great art works of our time (while consuming as many different European cheeses as possible) and counts travel as one of the most enriching educational experiences of her life. Though the entire time she was there, she did wish that she had paid a bit more attention in art history class.

She has been freelancing and teaching art & calligraphy under the umbrella of her calligraphy & education business Someday Art Co since 2015, and drawing since roughly 1991.

She would love to hear from you about your next custom project or licensing her intricate illustrated artwork, and also welcomes red wine recommendations and/or pictures of your dog.


Selected Clients

Guerlain | Dior | Chanel | Victor & Rolf | David Yurman | Glenfiddich | Aston Martin | Lolë | David’s Tea | L’Oréal | Pandora | Urban Outfitters | Lululemon | MFLEURS | Guess | Marciano | Beauty Boutique by Shoppers Drug Mart

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