is the artwork on this website available for licensing?

Yes! All of the collections that you see are available to be licensed for a variety of uses. Please fill out the Contact Form if you’re interested in licensing a design!

what is your artistic background?

It’s a bit too much to go into here, but I wrote a fabulously long-winded About Me section on my calligraphy business website, so check that out for all the gory details!

are you represented by an agent?

I am not currently represented by an agent. However, I have recently discovered that I hate negotiating so I am looking for one actively!


are you available for custom illustration work?

Yes! I am currently taking on a select number of custom projects each month, so get in touch as soon as you’re ready to hire an illustrator or lettering artist!

do you teach art and/or lettering?

I sometimes teach in-person workshops locally in Montreal, but more often I teach online! I have an intermediate online calligraphy course that focuses on how to find your very own calligraphy style, which you can check out here. I also offer one-on-one e-coaching sessions on a variety of topics here!


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